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Campervan Hire: Where to Start?

Here’s the most important thing to remember about hiring a campervan or motorhome… one size doesn’t fit all! So depending whether you are looking for luxury motorhomes in Australia, or prefer a comfortable but not new motorhome or campervan hire, or perhaps even a 4wd camper we can help you find what you are looking for…

We know Australia, we know the vehicles and we believe in good old-fashioned customer service.

We’d love for you to benefit from our experience to help match the best campervan hire to your needs and budget.

So, whether you’re looking for campervan hire in Alice Springs or looking to start your journey and motorhome hire from Sydney, we can help guide you through the process step by step to ensure that you hire the right type of vehicle for you.

At Gallivanting Oz, we use a number of suppliers to ensure we can match the right vehicle to your needs. There is no extra cost for dealing with us, however you’ll benefit from our service, experience and variety of vehicle options. Bookings are made directly through us, and we can help with questions you may have during the planning and preparing for your trip.

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A Campervan or a Motorhome: what’s there to know?

Choosing the right campervan or motorhome for an Australian campervan holiday is crucial for the best experience.

From experience, we know that it’s the little things that can be so easily overlooked that can make the difference once on the road.

You’ll want to consider:

Size of vehicle
  • Apart from the obvious choosing the right size to the number of people travelling, some couples also prefer our larger four or six berth motorhome hire. This provides extra space inside the motorhome, more storage, plus if you are visiting family on your motorhome travels, gives space for someone to join you for a night or two.
Time of Year Travelling
  • We are very passionate about making sure we let you know if your enquiry seems a little ‘off’ in terms of travel dates based on the areas you are visiting. It is so much easier to make these changes at the early stages of your planning than once flights etc are booked. Please ensure you do reach out if you are unsure with the best dates for your planned motorhome holiday.  Australia is a huge country and has a range of climatic conditions – a bit of early intel now can make all the difference!
  • You’ll see we have campervan hire in loads of different locations all over Australia. We even have campervan hire in Broome, which is considered a remote location. It is good to know that this is an option, even though there is a remote location surcharge fee – especially if you are time poor or just do not want to travel the popular route from Darwin to Perth.
  • With loads of different options, we have something for everyone’s budget. We don’t presume that you want the cheapest – it is more about understanding what features are important to you and offering the right vehicle for your holiday experience. There are so many subtle differences that make a real difference.  We also speak a little more about insurance below – again with our suppliers there are some variances in what is or isn’t covered.
Onboard Toilet and Shower
  • If you’re planning to do any freedom camping, you’ll need to do look at a self-contained campervan hire with a toilet and shower on board. Many of our clients prefer the comfort and convenience of having this on board, although we do offer plenty of campervan hire with and without the toilet and shower on board.
  • We often get asked ‘Can you drive the motorhome hire on a regular car licence?’ The answer is yes, any of the motorhomes or campervans we hire can be driven on a regular car licence.  We think that they are all easy to drive with good mirrors and visibility (some have reversing cameras), which are easy for most to get used to within a few minutes behind the wheel.

You can find out more details on all of these point raised here under our Campervan Hire page.


One really important topic which can baffle some newbies, is the Insurance Options. This is a really important aspect to consider and understand before you select your ideal vehicle for your travel plans so we have dedicated this article here to give you a really easy to follow guide on Insurance Options.

Please do speak with us if you have any questions regarding the insurance as we can easily explain it in more detail – especially when we understand specifically which vehicle is appealing to you. By having a good understanding of the insurance options now, there will be no surprises at pick up – or worse yet, on the road if something should happen that you ‘thought’ you were covered for.

So, now that you have a good grasp on where you can start and how to get going, check out this video for an overview on how to get started for your camper adventure!

Watch this video for an overview on how to get started for your camper adventure!


You will find plenty of useful information on our site to help you choose your vehicle, you could take a look at our Handy Tips for Choosing the Right Vehicle which goes through our top 6 tips to consider before hiring a campervan. Take a peek at the special offers to make your holiday savings go further too!

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Campervan Hire Help:

If you use our search tool you can select what aspects of the campervan or motorhome is important to you from how many berths, on board shower or even how extensive the kitchen is we’ll bring you a list of the vehicles that best match your search criteria.

So if it’s campervan hire, luxury motorhome hire or perhaps you are even looking for exciting but cheap 4wd adventures, take a look through and see what opportunities await you!

Call (+61) 7 3314 1518 or email us now to see how we can help you create the adventure of a lifetime and plan your scenic tour in Australia and book your campervan hire.